The footprint of your mobile phone, from the mine to the dump

The footprint of your mobile phone, from the mine to the dump


A programme in collaboration with Som Connexió and Setem Catalunya at the Mobile Social Congress in Barcelona

Carne Cruda travels to Barcelona in a programme in collaboration with the cooperative Som Connexió and the NGO Setem Catalunya to open a space for criticism of the Mobile World Congress and reflection on the ecological footprint left by the devices we use every day all over the world.

Manufacturing your mobile phone or computer has serious consequences for the environment and has a direct impact on human rights. Today’s technology needs minerals, ‘rare earths’ that are supplied by countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo or China. And that means pollution, human rights violations and a direct impact on international politics.

Together with experts, in this programme we reflect on the footprint left by our technology and how we can deal with these consequences by recycling and giving devices a second life. We do so at the Mobile Social Congress in Barcelona, the critical alternative to the world’s largest mobile fair, the Mobile World Congress, organised every year by Setem Catalunya.

We listen to Adriana Espinosa, head of Natural Resources at Amigos de la Tierra; Sergio Maydeu-Olivares, consultant in development and cooperation policies and international analyst; Mireia Roura, member of eReuse, Sara Domínguez from SETEM Catalunya, Aleix Alsina from Som Connexió and Blanca Callén, co-founder and member of Restarters Bcn.

The soundtrack for the programme is provided by the Catalan group ‘La Élite’, which gives punk a new twist with electronic touches.


You can see the full programme here: