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Mobile Social Congress

WHAT IS THE Mobile Social Congress?

The Mobile Social Congress is an open space that offers a critical perspective on the current production and consumption of electronic devices and information technologies, as well as an opportunity to learn about projects and initiatives that present sustainable and ethical alternatives.

Why is MSC important?

Electronics, and specifically information technologies, have gained increasing prominence in recent years. However, what do we know about how this technology is manufactured? What future scenarios are proposed in the face of this growing digitalization? What challenges arise from a human and environmental rights perspective?

In the 9th edition we have addressed these and other issues, bringing together different voices to provide a critical look, in order to be able to take an active role as citizens in choosing consumer policies and options that contribute to a more sustainable, healthier and fairer world.

What will you find in the #MSC24?

In the last edition, under the slogan “Hight Tech, Low Rights. What is the real cost of the technology we consume?”, we have talked about the impacts of the industry from different fields, with a very varied program, whose activities have been presented in formats for all audiences, from round tables and presentations, through the live broadcast of the Carne Cruda podcast, and children's games for the whole family.


The Mobile Social Congress concludes: an essential space to expose human and environmental rights violations in the technology industry

The MSC, organised by SETEM Catalunya, brought together specialists from all over the world to...

The footprint of your mobile phone, from the mine to the dump

  A programme in collaboration with Som Connexió and Setem Catalunya at the Mobile Social...
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