Mobile Social Congress

Speakers 2022



Yago Álvarez
Activist, economist and journalist. In 2014, Yago founded the critical and social economy media El Salmón Contracorriente, which later joined with other journalists to form the media platform El Salto, where he is the coordinator of the economy section. Yago published the book "Descifra tu deuda. Guía de auditoría ciudadana municipal" and was director and scriptwriter of the documentary “Qui ha hipotecat el meu ajuntament?”.

Welcome and presentation of Mobile Social Congress

David Llistar
As Director of Global Justice and International Cooperation at Barcelona City Council, David has spent the last 30 years working for different NGOs, universities, social movements, countries and governments on issues of development cooperation and global environmental and economic justice. Co-founder of the Obersavatori del Deute en la Globalització (Observatory of Debt in Globalisation) of the UNESCO Chair in Sustainability.

Elena Romagosa
President of SETEM Catalunya, Elena has also been International Camps Coordinator, Member of the Camps Council and founder of the Africa Committee. Elena has worked both in the private and civil society sector in Justícia i Pau and in other NGOs in Burundi, Mozambique and the DRC.


Moderator: Sara Domínguez
Sara is an Engineer in Automation and Industrial Electronics with a Master's Degree in Research in Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Industrial Control, with more than 10 years of experience working in the design and management of electronic products. Sara is also an activist with Ingeniería Sin Fronteras and with Setem Catalunya.

Shelters for migrant workers in Taiwan

Lennon Wong
A Labor activist and advocate focusing on migrant workers since 2014, Lennon is Director at the Service Center and Shelter for Migrant Worker, managed by Serve the People Association (SPA) in Taoyuan, Taiwan.

Why is there a semiconductor crisis and how does it impact us?

Peter Pawlicki
Based in Germany, Peter has over 15 years of research experience on the globalisation of the electronics industry and its effects on working conditions and labor rights. He has participated in several international research projects on manufacturing. Peter is the Director of Outreach and Education at Electronics Watch.


Moderator: Olga Martin-Ortega
Olga is a Professor of International Law at the School of Law, University of Greenwich, where she leads the Business, Human Rights and the Environment Research Group (BHRE, She is a member of the EU Marie Skłodowska-Curie network SAPIENS and co-coordinator of the International Learning Lab on Procurement and Human Rights.

How much does Amazon make from public procurement in Europe?

Stan De Spiegelaere
Stan De Spiegelaere is a policy and research director at UNI Europa and guest professor at the University of Ghent. He is doing research on collective bargaining, workers’ participation and social public procurement. Previously, Stan has worked at the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI).

State imposed Uyghur forced labour in China

Kristin Talbo
Kristin is a human rights lawyer working with sustainable supply chains (human rights, workers' rights, environmental protection and anti-corruption) in public procurement. Kristin is a Sustainability Strategist at Adda Central Purchasing Body in Sweden. In her work, Kristin conducts risk assessments, formulates award criteria and monitors agreement conditions.


Moderator: Gemma Friedman
Gemma has worked within the international trade union movement for the past 18 years starting with the UK's Trades Union Congress and then freelance including as a consultant to the Ethical Trading Initiative, before moving to UNISON. Gemma has worked at the intersection of workers' rights and international development and now focuses on business and human rights.

Challenges faced in organizing a labour union in Amazon Staten Island, New York

Chris Smalls
Chris Smalls is a former assistant manager at an Amazon facility in Staten Island, New York. Since Chris was fired after organizing a walkout to demand more protection for workers from Covid-19, he has continued the fight to create a union for Amazon workers in New York. Chris is one of the leaders of Amazon Labour Union.

Government union repression in the Philippines

Mary Ann Castillo
Mary Ann Castillo is the General Secretary of the Metal Workers Alliance of the Philippines (MWAP), and President of the Nexperia Workers Union. Mary Ann has worked at Nexperia and Philips for 27 years. In addition to Mary’s work in the local union, she leads the organization of contracted and non-unionized workers in the country's electronics industry.


Lluís Freixes
Graduated in Journalism and Economics, Lluís is currently an editor and radio broadcaster at Catalunya Ràdio, and a columnist at Lluís has previously worked in the Communication Area of the Department of Ecology, Urban Planning and Mobility of the Barcelona City Council. Lluís has also been the Director and scriptwriter of the program 'Recursos Homínids' on Radio Televisión Española, and co-director of 'Serveis Mínims' at Cadena SER.


Rutvica Andrijasevic
Rutvica works as an Associate Professor at Bristol University School of Management, UK. For the last 7 years, Rutvica and her team have been researching migrant workers labour rights in electronics supply chains in Central and Eastern Europe. Her most recent publication is the book Media and Management (2021), which examines the interdependencies between software, hardware and labour in digital capitalism.


Moderator: Quique Gornés
Quique Gornés is a public works engineer specializing in transport and urban services. Quique has focused his career on the guarantee of basic supplies, particularly drinking water, in different geographical contexts both in the Global South and in Spain, and has published several articles on the human right to water. Quique is currently an advisor to the Ajuntament de Barcelona’s Department of Climate Emergency.

Greenwashing and electric vehicles

Alfons Pérez
Alfons Pérez is a researcher and activist at the Observatori del Deute en la Globalització (ODG). Alfons has spent these last years working on the impacts of the European Union’s energy policy in third countries, the influence of financial capitalism in the world of energy and the responses of organizations and movements to the climate emergency. Currently, together with the ODG team, Alfons analyses the advance of green capitalism and the diverse manifestations of energy collapse.

Environmental and community impacts: lithium mines in Serbia

Marina Pavlic
Marina Pavlic graduated from the University of Belgrade, with a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy. Social challenges in Serbia drove her to mobilize. Since 2009, Marina has been passionate about helping leaders become agents of change. Marina is currently the executive director of Kreni-Promeni, a change-driven organization in Serbia, and is part of the LCN Europe team that is building the structure for organizers across Europe.

Innovative projects: recycling of electric batteries in Catalonia

Toni Dorado
Toni is the Coordinator of the Biometallum project, also known as ‘Menja mòbils’. Toni is a Chemical Engineer with a PhD in Natural Resources and Environment, and is a Professor at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in Manresa. Biometallum is a technology transfer project that recovers metals from mobile phones and batteries to prevent the export of electronic scrap to countries in the Global South.


Moderator: Carlos Bajo
Carlos is a journalist, social researcher and independent consultant specializing in the use of ICTs for social change in Africa and citizen movements on the continent. Carlos is one of Wiriko’s co-founders.

Mass surveillance by the state and corporate powers in the name of public health and safety

Nora Miralles, ODHE
Nora is a journalist and researcher in gender, peace, security and human rights at the Centre Delàs d’Estudis per la Pau, and the Organització Drets Humans i Empreses a la Mediterrània (ODHE). Noria is also an activist in a grassroots movement in Manresa.

Empowerment and cyberactivism processes in Africa

Aisha Dabo
Aisha Dabo is a Gambian-Senegalese journalist and co-founder of AfricTivistes, a pan-African league of professional cyber-activists. As coordinator of AfricTivistes, Aisha’s goal includes working with activists across the continent who struggle to develop their initiatives in their home countries, to amplify their voices and national issues continent-wide, and to overcome censorship and the control of undemocratic governments.