Mobile Social Congress

Speakers 2023


Helena Martín
Journalist and humanist. Currently, she works at Crític, an independent Catalan digital media. She has been editor-in-chief of Enderrock magazine and has collaborated in media such as Pikara Magazine, El Salto or Surtdecasa.


David Llistar
Director of Global Justice and International Cooperation of the Barcelona City Council. He has spent the last thirty years working from different Development NGOs, universities, social movements, countries and governments on issues of development cooperation and global economic and environmental justice. He is co-founder of the Observatory of Debt in Globalization (ODG) of the UNESCO Chair of Sustainability.

Claudia Bosch
Project manager at SETEM and head of the Fair Electronics Campaign. She is a member of the SETEM’s board since 2023. She has previously worked in advocacy and mobilization campaigns in the climate movement in Barcelona. She graduated in Political Science and Public Management from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and has a Master's in International Development from the Barcelona Institute of International Studies (IBEI).

Kamz Deligente
She is currently the Deputy Director of Center for Trade Union and Human Rights (CTUHR), a 38-year-old labour rights non-government organization. She also handles the Public Information and Education department of the organization. She is a dedicated development worker with the commitment to raising local and international awareness on trade union and human rights situation in the Philippines and undertaking activities for the empowerment of workers and unionists.

Nadia De Leon
She is the current director of the Institute for Occupational Health and Safety Development (IOHSAD-Philippines). She was a union organizer before taking up the position of IOHSAD Advocacy Officer in 2012. She is also certified as a Security Officer 1 in the Philippines.
Czarina Musni

Czarina Musni
Lawyer and human rights defender from the Philippines. Member of the National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers (NUPL) and Union of Peoples’ Lawyers in Mindanao (UPLM), as well as Karatapan. Currently collaborating with Associació Catalana per la Pau.

Marco Aparicio
A teacher and human rights activist, he has been a member of the ICIP board since September 2019. He is a doctor in Public Law and professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Girona, where he directs the UNESCO Chair for Sustainable Human Development. Since February 2017, he has chaired the DESC Observatory, a reference organization in the fight for economic, social and cultural rights. He has focused his academic work and his social and political mobilization on the defence of the rights of migrants, the collective rights of indigenous peoples in Latin America, the enforceability of social rights and the fight against impunity for responsible transnational companies. of the violation of human and environmental rights.

Alexander Ivanou
Born in Belarus in 1974, Alexander Ivanou, graduated from Minsk Linguistic University in 1996 and later in 2000 joined Belarusian national automobile and farm machinery workers' union ASM. In 2006 Ivanou started working in the communications department of the International Metalworkers' Federation in Geneva, Switzerland and in 2012 joined the secretariat of IndustriALL Global Union. Since 2019 Alexander Ivanou has been responsible for coordinating trade union work in the Materials' industries sector and since 2021 has become also responsible for ICT Electrical and Electronics.

Wallop Choojit
Wallop Choojit has worked for Bangkok-based NXP Manufacturing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. for twenty-nine years. His job is as a technician. He has been a member of the NXP Manufacturing Workers Union since 2006, and has been elected president since 2013 up to today. The union was founded in 1979.

Oren Goldberg
Oren is a social justice activist and former union organizer who believes that the movement can leverage technology to bring power and justice to the people. He has led the building of software tools that have helped drive campaigns for low-wage workers across the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, and a philanthropic fundraising platform that has successfully raised tens of millions of dollars for non-profit organizations. Oren loves collaborating with others to impact the world in meaningful ways and pretending to be various sea creatures with his son, Luka.

Amanda Alonso

She studied Audiovisual Communications at the UAB, and has worked for more than twenty years as an audiovisual editor on cultural and educational issues, above all, and writing corporate video scripts for companies and town halls. She has been a union representative in the CCOO Union Section of the Terrassa City Council for 17 years. She is mother of a 17-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy. She is currently working at the CCOO de Catalunya International and Cooperation Secretariat, as head of Acció Sindical Internacional.

Jesús Alberto Rea Campos
Economist with twenty years of experience in Economic and Social Development Institutions. He has developed proposals, processes and projects in management and public policies, and development planning, with emphasis on the generation of local economic development strategies and productive projects for rural sectors and artisanal mining in the departments of Oruro, La Paz and Potosí. He currently directs the Center for Research and Popular Service-CISEP, from where he leads work teams that investigate and propose solutions to make local public management more efficient and improve the working conditions of miners in Bolivia.

Georges Bokondu
Lawyer since 2004, former legal adviser to the National Energy Commission between 1997 and 2004, former advisor to the President of the DRC between 2004 and 2008 and, finally, vice president of the Commission for the Review of Mining Contracts in 2007. Currently he is director of programs for Southern African Resource Watch DRC, and is doing a PhD at the University of Kinshasa.

Diego Marin
Works within the Economic Transition Unit at the European Environmental Bureau. He holds a master's in international development from the University of Kent, Brussels School of International Studies. At the EEB, he is leading the work on raw materials, focusing on the circular economy aspects of the raw materials question but mainly analysing the green and digital transitions from an environmental and global justice perspective. Additionally, he is working to develop political tools and arguments for a raw materials binding target across the EU economy. He is co-author of the EEB and Friends of the Earth Europe report, "Green Mining is a Myth: the case for cutting EU resource consumption."

Alberto Guerrero
Advocacy officer at alterNativa Exchange with Indigenous Peoples, an organization specialized in cooperation with Indigenous Peoples. alterNativa promotes and disseminates social, economic and environmental alternatives to the hegemonic development model, supporting processes that consider cultural diversity, social justice and environmental sustainability as principles of their action. Indigenous peoples have a lot to contribute from their world views and fights, which is why they work on the exchange between peoples and cultures.

Robin Ingenthron
is CEO of Good Point Recycling of Middlebury, VT, and Brockton, MA. In the 1990s, Robin was Director of the Recycling Program at the Massachusetts DEP. He has a BA degree in International Relations (Carleton College, 1984) and an MBA from Boston University. Robin Ingenthron is a former Peace Corps volunteer and employee (Cameroon, Africa 1984-86) and is founder of Fair Trade Recycling, an export reform group ( A writer and public speaker, he was called “The Best Scrap Blogger in the World” by Adam Minter, and named #36 Top Recycler worldwide by Recycling International in 2021 and 2022.

Sara Domínguez
Industrial Electronics and Automation Engineer with a Master's in Research in Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Industrial Control. With more than ten years of experience working in the design and management of electronic products, she is an activist in Ingeniería Sin Fronteras and in SETEM Catalunya.