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Activating fair and sustainable technology MSC 2023

In 2023, SETEM Catalunya’s Fair Electronics Campaign celebrated the 8th edition of the Mobile Social Congress, which took place from the 2nd to the 4nd of March in Barcelona and partially online.

The Mobile Social Congress is a space open to all citizens that offers a critical perspective on the current model of production and consumption of information and communication technologies, and an opportunity to learn about alternative models and projects based on technological sovereignty, sustainability and social benefit.

Last year’s programme’s theme was ‘Activating fair and sustainable technology’. We used ‘activate’ it, because nowadays there are already various initiatives and processes in place to make electronics’ supply chains more transparent and fair. However, there is still a long way to go. To activate it, the first step is that we know what are the injustices that are occurring in the sector, to be able to influence both as consumers, with our consumption decisions; and as citizens, demanding our governments and administrations regulatory frameworks to end corporate impunity, as well as responsible public procurement criteria in public contracts.

In the past #MSC23, we talked about the extractive industry linked to smartphones, how different mining projects are affecting communities and the environment. We addressed cases of anti-union practices by large companies such as Apple in countries in the Global South; and we heard witnesses from union representatives in electronics’ factories, as well as about working conditions in factories in Asia.

The program’s activities included round table discussions, a film forum, a repair workshop, a free software installation workshop, an exhibition and children’s games for the whole family.

We offered a free repair workshop for small electrical appliances, to make a small contribution against planned obsolescence and the growing volume of electrical and electronic waste. We also offered a free workshop to install free software so that people could start using open software and applications on their cell phone or computer. Technology should belong to the people, not to a few companies!


  • Artivism Action: 27th of February in front of the MWC in Barcelona.
  • Round tables: 2nd of March in the afternoon at Pati Manning, in el Raval, Barcelona.
  • Film forum: 3rd of March in the afternoon at Pati Manning, in el Raval, Barcelona.
  • Workshops, exposition and games for the whole family: 4th of March in the morning
    at Convent de Sant Agustí, at Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i la Ribera, Barcelona.


Press releases (CAT)

Summary of the 8th edition of the Mobile Social Congress.

Talks Mobile Social Congress 2023

Cineforum Mobile Social Congress 2023

E-Life, Edward Scott-Clarke, 2018
Talk with the participation of Robin Ingenthron, from Good Point Recycling
Moderation: Sara Domíngues, SETEM and ISF

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