Mobile Social Congress


Round tables at Calàbria 66 during the Mobile Social Congress 2024

1. Film forum of the documentary “Antes del litio”, by Costa Rica Productions, produced with the support of the Barcelona City Council and the Plurinational Observatory of Salares Andinos.

Currently, in the north of Argentina, there are active mining projects for lithium extraction in salt flats and mountains, inhabited by communities that resist the attacks of companies and governments that want to exploit these areas without their consensus.

Laura Fontana, from Alternativa Intercanvi amb Pobles Indígenes, will accompany us in the debate, with the moderation of the journalist Marta Molina.

2. Presentation of Cobalt Red book

In a shocking research work, writer and activist Siddharth Kara reveals in the book Cobalt Red the human rights abuses that hide behind cobalt mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

We have the presentation of the writer and author of the book, who talks about his latest publication, with the moderation of the journalist Marta Molina.

3. Factory monitoring in China

What human rights violations are hidden in the supply chains of the electronics industry? What are the working conditions in which electrical and electronic equipment production factories are working?

Dimitri Kessler, from the Economic Rights Institute, talks about working conditions, workers’ rights and obstacles to monitoring, with the moderation of journalist Marta Molina.

4. Round Table – Digital Justice

Electronics and, in particular, information technologies have gained increasing prominence in recent years. In the 9th edition of MSC24, SETEM Catalunya reflects on what future we want: should we accept digitization at any price?

We talk to Leandro Navarro, from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, about identity and verifiable credentials for global justice. Cori Crider, from Foxglove, tells us about how to face the technological giants. Sofia Trejo, finally, from Barcelona Supercomuting Center, takes us into the world of artificial intelligence, to talk about social and environmental justice. With the moderation of the journalist Marta Molina.

Round tables at Calàbria 66 during the Mobile Social Congress 2024

In 2021, more than 13 million tonnes of electronic equipment were sold and 5 million tonnes of electronic waste were rejected in the European Union alone. Carne Cruda podcast travels to Barcelona in a program with the cooperative Som Connexió and the NGO Setem Catanlunya from the Mobile Social Congress. A program with public from the Paral·lel 62 room.