Mobile Social Congress
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Mobile Social Congress

This 2022 we inaugurate the 7th edition of the Mobile Social Congress

A space open to the public, which offers a critical look at the current model of production and consumption of electronic devices and information and communication technologies, and an opportunity to learn about alternative models and projects based on technological sovereignty, sustainability, and social benefit.

This year, we want to address how we can put technology at the service of life, understanding life as the well-being of people at one end of production and consumption, and the balance needed to keep alive the ecosystems that sustain biodiversity, and human life on planet Earth.

Why you should come

Growing digitalization, the use of artificial intelligence, the electric car, data control, among other topics that we will address in this MSC, are issues that are marking our present but, above all, will mark our future.

The MSC will bring together experts from the North and the South, to take a critical look, in order to be able to take an active role as citizens, while choosing the policies and consumption options that contribute to a more sustainable, healthier world for us and for our families.

What will you find in the MSC 2022?

A repair workshop, live music, an exhibition, and face-to-face and online talks with simultaneous translation to Catalan, English and Spanish.

We look forward to seeing you from February 27th to March 2nd at the Born in Barcelona!


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