Showing of the documentary ‘Complicit’ and discussion with the director

Showing of the documentary ‘Complicit’ and discussion with the director

China produces 90% of the world’s electronic devices. Every 5 hours a worker dies, poisoned by the high toxicity of the chemical products used to manufacture these devices (although the true number may be even higher). The documentary Complicit”, will be shown on Monday, February 25 at 6:30 pm at Zumzeig cinema (c. Béjar 53, Barcelona) to start off the Mobile Social Congress 2018. It uncovers the exploitation faced by the Chinese workers that make our mobile phones and other electronic devices.

This documentary was filmed in secret over the course of three years. It follows the worker and activist Yi Yeting, as well as a group of workers who fight to improve the conditions in their factories. While battling leukaemia, Yi Yeting teaches others basic law concepts to prepare the legal battle against his bosses and put together a cooperative in order to help other sick employees. Their task isn’t just to get organized, but also to stand up to corrupt managers and uncover the great lie behind some of the world’s biggest technological brands.

After the showing, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from one of the directors, Heather White. The showing will follow a pay-what-you-wish system (in other words, after seeing the documentary, each person pays whatever they feel is fair and appropriate).

* The showing will be in original version with subtitles in Catalan.

(The film is also available on the Filmin platform).