SETEM activists protest the use of toxic chemicals in mobile phones at the MWC

SETEM activists protest the use of toxic chemicals in mobile phones at the MWC

The protest in front of the Fira de Barcelona denounces the poisoning of workers manufacturing mobile phones, demanding that companies guarantee their safety and operate in a more transparent manner.

During the inauguration of the Mobile World Congress, a group of activists from SETEM Catalunya protested the use of toxic chemicals by companies manufacturing smart phones, such as Apple or Samsung.

In front of the press entry of the Mobile World Congress at the Fira de Barcelona’a Gran Via venue, the activists set up a giant pair of hands –over a meter and a half tall– stained black and holding mobile phones with a message about #PoisonousIndustry in both Catalan and English. With this action, the activists reminded those present that factory workers are suffering from cancer, nerve damage, birth defects and abortions in order to make our mobile phones. “The mobile phone industry’s biggest brands have the responsibility to provide security measures for workers all along the supply chain for their products”, states Alba Trepat, one of the individuals in charge of SETEM Catalunya’s campaign on human and labour rights in the electronics industry. “That means that they need to make sure that their subcontracted companies do the same”, she adds.

With this protest, SETEM Catalunya demands that electronics brands like Apple or Samsung publish a full list of all the chemicals used in each of their factories and in what amounts; that they substitute the most dangerous chemicals with other, safer ones; and that they take responsibility for the health and safety of workers all throughout their supply chain.

During the Mobile Social Congress, the Pati Manning will include a space where you can take a picture with your cell phone and stain your hand black to protest the use of toxic chemicals in our mobile phones.