Call for applications: full studies grant for Power Shift in England!

Call for applications: full studies grant for Power Shift in England!

SETEM Catalunya will pay for 10 students to travel to this activist training event. Held in metropolitan London, England, from July 3-7, it is organized by People & Planet.

Power Shift is a participative training experience for student activists that provides:

– Practical tools for channelling your passion for fighting injustice.

– A chance to meet other students from the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe with on-campus experiences designed to promote activism.

– Knowledge about the basic causes of global injustice, so you can fight them using actions that generate social change.

– Examples of actions that fit within our campaign for human rights in global supply chains: Make ICT Fair and the Clean Clothes Campaign.

The 2019 Power Shift Campaign includes workshops on building coalitions, art for activism, viral use of social networks, campaign strategies and more. Power shift will take place at Cudham Shaws Campsite and participants will be housed in tents. The program will also include nigh-time games and talent contests to leave room for recreation, too!

Those interested in the event can sign up on their own. Whoever would also like to apply for our study grants individually or in groups of up to three individuals can read the following contest rules.